Places of Worship

Places of worship are designed to be safe havens for followers and their families. We endeavor to give churches every available tool to help protect the children within their communities enabling, them to be those safe havens many so desperately need.

We know that your ultimate goal in offering services to children is to enrich their lives. Those who work in leadership within places of worship should be aware that those who seek to harm children need access to them, and often try to gain that access by working or volunteering in the church programs that serve children and youth. It is imperative to establish protective policies, as well as provide proper annual training to ensure that everyone who works with or volunteers with children is aware of signs and symptoms of abuse, how predators groom children, and how to respond compassionately and appropriately to an outcry of abuse.

Our Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse training is specifically designed to educate child-serving professionals to do just that. Additionally, the training offers solutions for creating effective policies and procedures for their organizations to help safeguard the children in their care.

If you would like more information regarding our Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse training, we offer both English and Spanish language, culturally appropriate versions.

If you would like more information on our training for parents entitled Keeping Your Children Safe in the Real and Virtual World or our training for children 8-14 called You Are Not Alone, please click here.